Based in Madison, WI. U.S.A. +1.757.406.4703

Hyunsoo Léo Kim is a highly skilled multimedia communications professional with vast experience in photography, videography, storytelling, social media and management. Visionary and innovative, has a focus on detail with a proven ability to see beyond the obvious and find the art and artistry of a vast array of topics: He makes the everyday special and the special brilliant. Deadline driven, administers expert guidance and feedback to a variety of professionals in the newspaper industry and academia. Able to conceptualize projects from small to large with an eye toward creativity. Multilingual has helped produce television series and magazines. His work has been featured national and international platforms including National Geographic Magazine/Channel Time, New York Times, Washington Post, PBS, CNN, CBS, MSNBC and many others. He is available for a consulting.

You can reach him: 

+1. 757.406.4703